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What are euro fence panels?

What are euro fence panels?

Euro Fence, also called Holland fence in China. Euro fence is a kind of most common type of economic fencing in Chinese market. Because its price is competitive, normally used for Highway or boundary project with big quantity. There are two main parts to form the euro fence. First part is the fence panel roll. The roll packing is different from other fence because of its wire thickness is thinner than other kind of welded fence. It’s soft enough for rolling up. Second part is the swallow tail post system. The swallow tail post is a special type of post designed for euro fence, connecting the panel with “U” shape clips.

Euro fence panels

Several years ago, the production process of euro fence is separated by several steps until the automatic production machine came out in 2004. Right now the production process and ability was improved to higher level. Welding process, bending process, PVC coated process and rolling process of the euro fence can be done in only one machine. The production line of euro fence comes to be very short and easy.


Euro fence is wildly used in Chinese market such as highway, boundary, railway protection, etc. With the benefit of economic, high production ability and easy packing. It will be accepted by other market out of China soon.

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