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How to choose sheep corral panels?

These panels have mesh that go down to 2" from the ground. Great for pens, kidding and lambing and outdoor fencing.

If you are looking to purchase light duty dog, hog, sheep, and goat panels, 7'x 54" sheep and goat mesh panels might be the perfect solution for you. This type of welded wire panel is lightweight and features a mesh that runs from near the top of the panel to 2" from the ground. 7'x 54" sheep and goat mesh panels are also a great option for pens, kidding, lambing, and outdoor fencing.

Sheep corral panels

Reasonable use of funds

Many people have made relatively large investments in sheep sheds during the initial stage of construction of sheep farms. A standardized pen that can raise 100 sheep requires at least 100,000 yuan, while a simple construction of a sheep shed that can shelter from wind and rain only costs a few thousand yuan. Excessive investment in the pens in the early stage will inevitably affect the investment in the later stage of sheep breeding and breeding costs, so that the number of breeding will be reduced.

Basic data of sheep pen

The area of ​​each sheepfold shall not exceed 100 square meters. No more than four rows in a row. There are independent access channels between each room, and the height of the sheepfold is between 3-2.2 meters. Users who use sheep beds should be taller, and users who do not use sheep beds in the north should be between 2.5-3 meters. The slope of the roof is 2-5%, and it is not recommended to drain the roof of the circle to the activity place.

The feeding trough should be set in the circle. The best feeding channel is about 1.5 meters. There should be relatively strong fences in the venue. All kinds of materials, such as wooden sticks and steel pipes, that can effectively prevent the sheep from hitting and turning over can be used. The height of the fence should be about 1.2 meters, preferably tilted inward.

Do a good job introduction

Many people don't make money because they didn't do a good job of introducing seeds. First of all, we must determine which breed of sheep is suitable for our breeding, and secondly, we must choose a trustworthy introduction site. The selection of species when introducing species is mainly determined by the breeding mode. For captive breeding, select a species that grows fast. In the case of mountain stocking, select a species that is small in size and suitable for climbing. When introducing breeds, adhere to the principle of proximity. The closer the introduction site, the lower the incidence of sheep and the better the adaptability.

sheep yard mesh manufacturer

Save feed cost

Feed costs account for a large proportion of the total cost of raising sheep, so we must save feed costs as much as possible in order to increase the benefit of raising sheep. However, saving feed costs is not about reducing the amount of feed or reducing the quality of feed. Small-scale sheep farms do not count too many sheep, so as much as possible, reserve coarse fodder by yourself, and the grass must be the most widely sourced grass in the local area. There is no such thing as the best way of saying

In the process of raising sheep, we must always insist that raising is greater than prevention, and prevention is greater than treatment. Raising is feeding and management. Sheep raising itself does not have too much technical content. As long as people are diligent, feeding and management can basically get better. Prevention is disease prevention, which is mainly done from epidemic prevention. The sheep must be vaccinated regularly in accordance with the pre-established epidemic prevention procedures.

Necessary supporting facilities for captivity

Disinfection equipment, including disinfection rooms, used for access disinfection, sprayers and no less than three or more disinfection drugs. Develop regular and strengthened disinfection habits. Commonly used drugs, mainly drugs for common diseases of the respiratory system and digestive system, should be prepared for infectious diseases. Forage processing tools, such as grinders, pellet machines, and grass (material) mixing machines, etc.

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