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heavy galvanized temporary fence suppliers

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Heavy Zinc Galvanized Temporary Fence

Variety:welded mesh fence, chain link mesh fence, expanded metal fence etc.


Finish of surface:hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coating, PVC spraying,PVC after galvanized, paint spraying etc.


Specification:Specification of temporary fence: spotted by 3-5mm diameter quality mild steel wire

2300 x 2000mm , 2200mm x 2000mm etc,Opening: 75 x 75, 75 x 100, 60 x 150, 50 x 50, 60 x 60mm, and others

Length x width: 2,100 x 2,400, 1,800 x 2,400, 2,100 x 2,900, 2,100 x 3,300mm,


Frame: 25, 32, 38, 40, 42, and 48mm


Characteristics:even surface, firm welded structure, precise opening etc. It has the good propertiesof corrosion-resisting, oxidation-resisting, weather-resisting and aging-resisting.


Application:Temporary fence panel  to secure construction sites and private propertyTemporary fence panelof residential housing sites,Temporary ffence panel for major public Events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, and others


Features: it can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface


area by digging holes or laying foundations


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