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Crowd control barrier manufacturer

DunQiang is a manufacturer specializing in the production and wholesale of crowd control barriers. Our products have been recognized by users in Europe and other countries.

crowd control barrier manufacturer

Crowd control barrier manufacturer

Crowd Control is very important for smooth and safe operation. Whether it is checking in at the airport or on a road with heavy traffic, Crowd Control Barriers can control danger, control the flow of people, the flow of vehicles, and control the passage of pedestrians. Our movable safety fence provides unparalleled strength on the work platform and provides the greatest degree of protection.


No more repeat buying of single-use items such as caution tape, bunting or flagging.


Our latest fencing is now ready to serve in numerous work platforms constructed of anodized aluminum and polyester webbing and will last several years, through all types of applications or work platform and weather conditions.


Omega Industrial Products are a pioneer in the development of modern crowd management portable barriers in the industry. Our product brings several advantages for people working in construction sites to public working sites to hazardous work zones. This state of the art crowd control barrier also assists traffic control authorities to control and keep apart pedestrian to avoid any inconvenience by the roads.


Our product is created from fine quality anodized aluminum delivering great strength. Our latest portable barrier especially designed for low wind resistance. When it comes to its installation, this barrier is very easy to install across numerous work platforms. It takes a single person to install in less than 35 seconds hence easy to move in emergency cases or carrying out crowd management activities. It is no doubt; this portable barrier is more efficient and effective as compared to traditional caution tape. In terms of color follows the international safety orange standards, highly visible, and above all low in cost.  This product is a highly cost-effective solution for crowd management activities and highly competitive for every kind of work platforms. Being a Portable Barrier, saves time, space above all money. It is adjustable in every 42 Delineator Post, hence reduce cost. Our barricade modern crowd control barrier is highly versatile can be utilized as a pedestrian barrier due to its portability. In addition, it is best for prevention purpose in different work platforms. It is no secret, roll-up fencing is the state of the art solution for crowd control activities including construction sites, police emergencies, fire emergencies, sporting events, and parade barricades.




Any little setting with an enormous number of the people can get changed into an uncontrolled space in the blink of an eye. In such a situation, the safety and security of people, as well as the staff, is of fundamental importance.


If a setting has the manpower for the purpose of crowd control, then the process of queue management can never prove to be effective.


Thus, in order to make a queue and crowd management system more perfect as well as operational, one needs special gear deployed at the right place. From an entrance gate to the parking lot to exit points to ticket counters or any other work platform which encounter more public, there is an ultimate need for effective crowd control gear that can assist make public flow smoothly in and out of any work platform.


Today, the online market has an excess of affordable crowd control products help you with controlling and managing crowd, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.


Portable fencing, Guard Rails, Guard Rail Posts, Plastic Barricades, Stanchion Accessories are a few types of equipment entirely designed to maintain decorum and organize public whenever crowds cultivate.


These products perfectly build barricading, define space and reduce the personnel requirements for performing the duty of controlling crowds. Such products or equipment also supports the venue authorities in preventing their valuable assets from any damage by keeping the public away from private areas, artifacts, expensive decor, machinery and more. In addition, with these crowds control gears, public stay peacefully in the designated areas and the flow is directed towards the particular route, forming a distinct line for the people.


Thus, every public place requires tailored public flow or crowd management equipment, which helps slow down the customer traffic flow along with preventing rush in events or stores during special sales or concerts. Planned placement of barriers and fences ultimately enhance the safety and security of everyone.

 crowd control barrier supplier



Crowds control barriers or stanchions are constructed with durability factor installed so that they can survive utmost pressure for years to come, yet stylish enough to enhance the work platform’s appeal.


It is a myth that quality construction comes only at a high price point. Corporations are breaking this myth by engineering an affordable range of premium quality, portable, and sturdy posts and barriers installed with advanced features for attaining perfect crowd management activities. Furthermore, these portable barricades can be used for both permanent as well as temporary installation purposes and are very easy to install with minimal assembly required.


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